Sunday, February 14, 2010

Boyd Martin’s Top Secret Tips for Valentine’s Day Success

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. We have a special edition today straight from the horse's mouth (hah!). "Boyd Martin’s Top Secret Tips for Valentine’s Day Success" as dictated by the charming, the debonair, the suave (who else?): Boyd Martin.

The Gift.

For any male event rider it’s important that when you start the yearly Valentine’s Day present-buying scheme that you start low. You want to start with your bar low. My advice is to spend a maximum of $12.00 on the first Valentine’s Day gift. Some might find this a bit cheap. But there’s a science behind my theory. For example, the first gift I got Silva [Martin] was a CD rack from Walmart for $12.00. This does two things, guys:

1) If the girl hangs around you know she likes you for sure. Because you’ve given her every reason to love you and leave you.

2) The second is that if you start out with a CD rack for $12.00 the following year, twelve months later, if it’s the same woman, you need to upgrade your present to more like $15.00 for something a little more classy. Maybe some CD’s. No matter what she’s gonna be impressed since it’s such a huge step from the year before. If you start on year one with the diamond ring, or the Rolex, or a diamond bracelet, no matter what happens you can’t outdo yourself. Even a beautiful bunch of roses and she’ll be disappointed.

So start low and start a little cheap. And this will indicate if she likes you. If you do this and upgrade your present year to year eventually down the road you can ease your way into the more expensive jewelry presents. If you start with the fancy jewelry from day one you’ve given yourself nothing but an uphill battle to try and impress your lady.

Boyd winning again on BaileyWick.

Photo by Josh Walker.

The Dinner.

It’s the same technique with the dinner. The first year try and start pretty basic. Your Hungry Jack’s or Wendy’s. You might get an odd look or a stand-off feeling from your lady on your first Valentine’s Day but that’s okay. Next year you can go to Applebee’s, after that, a slightly classy bistro. After 10 or 15 years in your quest to impress this lady you’ll end with a classy restaurant. If you start with the classy restaurant you’ve locked yourself into a life sentence of hundreds of dollars.

Final Tip.

Lastly, my advice to young event rider guys coming up: If you ever receive a Valentine’s Day gift from other parties it’s my recommendation that there’s no crime in recycling the present to other rider’s in the industry.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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