Monday, March 29, 2010

The Switcharoo

Hello Team Three Days Three Ways!

We've made the switch to our very on web domain. How exciting! Make sure to update your RSS feed and note that on the new site you can subsribe by email (how fancy!).

Please join us for the site-warming party at Can't wait to see you there!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Rain or shine I'm wishing you a happy weekend as well as fancy feet in the dressage ring, fleet feet on your cross-country course, and clean feet in show jumping.

Good luck and happy spectating at Galway Downs, Pine Top, Corona del Sol, and Morven Park.

I never tire of hearing from Zara Phillips or the anyone with the word "Princess" (like her mother) in their name.

I'm over the moon for Felix Doolittle stationary, return address labels, kitchen labels, and calling cards for the little ones. Oh but there's so much more. You must go see.

I'm a sucker for hoodies. One from Cafe Press (expressing your 3-Day Eventing loyalties) is good this time of year what with the cool mornings.

The Courtney King-Dye Ebay auction is full of great items including "Courage, Power, and Freedom" bracelets (easy on the pocket-book) and an Hermes scarf (easy on the eyes). There's nothing wrong with getting something fabulous and supporting someone at the same time!

I sort of fell in love with these diving horse photos on Eventing Nation and their grainy, hazy feel. It's like something from a dream. What was that movie called with the diving horse?

Robert Dutesco's exhibit of the Wild Horses of Sable Island is on view at 13 Crosby Street in SoHo. If you're close by and not heading to a competition that's what I'd do!

Yikes, don't forget to get your Rolex tickets! Time's a runnin' short and you don't want to miss this year since the World Equestrian Games dressage and show jumping test events will be taking place. An added bonus.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eventing Radio Show Episode 69: Eventing Safety with Jimmy Wofford

Jimmy Wofford talks about safety on this week’s show and we also have a report from Jennie Brannigan on Southern Pines Horse Trials. Ashley Adams is the co-host. Listen in.

Eventing Radio Episode 69 - Eventing Safety with Jimmy Wofford:


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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Giveaway!

Welcome to the second giveaway for Three Days Three Ways. Today it's a generous 3-month supply of SUCCEED which comes in at a whopping $300. I'm pretty excited about this giveaway since it's something that 1) I use to keep weight on my hard-keepers and 2) have seen used to great success (no pun intended!).

True story: When I spent the winter in Ocala with Wendy Lewis she had a horse who had to stay on SUCCEED or he would colic immediately. We tried to wean him off it once and he got to colicing and we said, "He's got to stay on this stuff". So he stayed on SUCCEED and the colic stayed away.

To enter today's giveaway leave a comment below with the function of each of the SUCCEED ingredients:

1) Oat Oil (polar lipids)
2) Oat Flour (beta glucan)
3) Glutamine

Want a hint? The answers are on the SUCCEED website! Winner will be chosen from all the correct answers. Good luck and have fun!

Congratulations to Jessica and her Thoroughbred gelding on winning the SUCCEED giveaway!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mara Dean Out on the Town and Pride in Nicki Henley

Mara Dean's interview wraps up here with her pride in Nicki Henley and winning the first leg of the FEI World Cup Tour, going out on the town, and letting go to gain control. Enjoy it!

Q. Tell me about your horses.

A. [Nicki Henley] had an injury two years ago that happened at the Pan Ams. He was never even supposed to jump again. Not only did he come back to compete but to come back and win a three star is beyond amazing. Because he had two years off he’s not qualified for [Rolex] Kentucky. But that’s what I’m aim for. The selectors suggested that I apply for special permission. If we can go we will then see about Worlds. He’s got the most personality of any of the horse. He’s more like a dog than a horse and would much rather spend time with people than horses. He only likes certain people. He had two years off and a lot as rehab so I got to spend lot time with him icing and with therapies. He really thinks he’s a person or a dog. The girl that worked for me taught him how to shake and beg. He’ll eat anything. Any snack you have he wants. He likes Gatorade and will drink it out of a bottle. He’s not spoiled or anything! He’s funny and goofy and loveable on ground but can be tough to ride. He’s very spooky and strong. He has matured a lot and came back a better horse after two years off. He’s been a challenge for me. I’ve had him since he was five and it’s taken this long, he’s now fifteen, to figure out how to ride him. I think the biggest eye opener came early on. I broke my ankle riding and to keep his qualifications David O’Connor took him to Radnor and ended up winning. However David’s comment was, “Mara this is the strongest horse I have ever ridden. If you have any hope to ride him then you better start lifting weights.” But it’s different for men and women. I took that to mean I needed to control him but what I really needed was to let go in order to gain control. The more I let go the more he settled and became easier to ride. David helped me a ton and opened my eyes to it, but couldn’t ride him like he rode him. I didn’t have the strength.

photo courtesy of Josh Walker

My other horses is High Patriot and he’s owned by Patricia Overland and her son Patrick O’Brian. When Nicki broke down I was thinking my life was over and I’d never have advanced horses again. Once I got through my life is over I got to how do I ask for sponsorship and find another horse? I’d known them for a while and as I approached them they approached me. It almost came out of ours mouths at the same time.

A girl from California came to do Jersey Fresh on High Patriot as a developing rider and she needed a place to work off the expenses. We hit it off and when I went to the Pan Ams I needed someone to run the business. I told her, “If you ever decide to sell this horse please let me know first.” Within a few weeks she needed to sell him and I was able to get these people to buy him. It was a dream come true and I was very lucky. So he was a horse who had already done three stars where most of my horses I start from an early age. It was different having someone else’s horse and someone else’s tools. He looks like a Thoroughbred but he’s an Oldenburg. It’s a different mentality, not quite as sharp, everything is a little slower. He’s one of the scopiest jumpers I’ve ever had. I took him to Fair Hill and had a silly run out which was just me not knowing him and then I got injured so the partnership had time off. I took me a while to figure him out and finally last year I took him to Bromont and we were 4th in the 3-star and started to click. Unfortunately as I was getting ready for Blenheim he got hurt at Richland. Now he’s coming back and hopefully on the verge of success. It’s just taking a while. I also have two prelim horses, Funmaker and Chequers Macon, that I just have to say are some of the nicest horses I’ve had. They’re from Susie Pragnell and have a little bit of Dutch in them. I’m excited about them for future.

Q. I know you ride Nicki Henley in a hackamore. What are your reasons behind that?

A. I do. When I pull he doesn’t listen anyway. It’s not something I train him in since they can get a little numb to it. I think he’s softer though body without the bit and his jump ends up being a bit more rounded. If he’s tight he can drag hind end and have a rail behind.

Q. Do you ever have days where you think maybe Eventing isn’t for me?

Oh yeah. Certainly. Certainly after a bad day or if I’ve had a bad fall. More when my horses get hurt or when there’s an injury I always go, “Is this the right thing? Is this what I really want to do?” It’s a tough sport with huge risk but the good times make up for the bad times without a doubt. I joke to my husband who has an office job, I’ll say I wish I had your job! But I don’t. I don’t want to sit in an office. I want to be outside with the animals. I get up every day and do what I love. There’s no other passion I’ve had in my life like the one I’ve had for the horses.

photo courtesy of Sarah K. Andrew

Q. What’s your life like off a horse?

A. Well my husband would say I’m not off a horse enough and when I am then he needs to get me out of the barn since I’m making sure everyone is taken care of. To be able to do much with me you have to take me on vacation! Luckily he works for an insurance company in Leesburg which takes him into the city a lot. So we go into the restaurants and museums.

Q. What do you want your fans to know about you?

A. Some people think because I’m a little quiet and shy that I’m not very friendly and that’s so not the case. I’m the most approachable person and happy to talk to anybody, answer questions, or help anyone. I love it when kids come up at an event and ask questions. It’s important to support this sport and if I can help a person or group or horse I would love to.

Q. Posting a win on the FEI World Cup Leaderboard after Nickey Henley coming back from an injury at the 2007 Pan Ams. What’s that feel like?

A. It’s still sinking in. I can’t believe it happened. It’s huge! With the amount of hard work and dedication and sweat and blood and tears getting a win like that: it’s all worth it and reminds you why we do this. I have such an emotional attachment to this horse [Nicki Henley] because of all the ground time rehabbing and bringing him back. I’m proud of what I’ve done with him.

Q. What would “making it” look like for you?

A. I think that’s constantly changing. In that as soon as I accomplish one thing I want something else. It’s part of the perfectionism that helps to make us such good athletes. It doesn’t take away from what I’ve done. If we get to go to Kentucky and do well there I’d love to help the team get a medal at Worlds. But success comes in many ways. Chequers won his preliminary division at Red Hills. I picked him out and have huge success picking good horses. The judges agree how nice he is. And I just had a cross-country school with a student and solved a problem and that meant a lot as trainer and coach. Everything from a 3-star to preliminary to helping a student. Success comes in many ways.

I’ve been riding with Phillip Dutton for six years. I’ve been lucky to ride with so many people. Over the years Philip has taken my riding to next level and made me a better competitor, not just a better rider. Part of that is the work other people have put in but Phillip has brought the best out in me. It was ready to come but he brought it out. He’s not just a good trainer but also a good friend and a good horseman. I owe lot of my success to him.

Q. Anything you want to add?

A. The ony thing I can think of, and it’s been said before, to have success is not just about me. It’s about the whole program and team. One of the most fantastic girls works for me, Katie Strickland, and I couldn’t have done Red Hills without her. She keeps me going and keeps the horses going. I’m riding multiple horses and teaching and can’t check every boot. It’s important to have a good support system of vets and farriers. I’ve got a fantastic crew in the barn and then of course the owners. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without them. My job is wonderful but I don’t make enough money to pay for all the horses. There needs to be some outside help and to have people that love the sport so much just support me and the horses to go as far as they can go is amazing generosity.

If you want to follow the World Cup tour that Mara Dean kicked off with her win on Nicki Henley see below. You can have a world tour of your own!

World Cup Tour Schedule

1. Tallahassee (USA), 5-7 March

2. Kihikihi (NZL), 2-4 April

3. Sydney (AUS), 7-9 May

4. Marbach (GER), 7-9 May

5. Chatsworth (GBR), 15-16 May

6. Tattersalls (IRL), 27-30 May

7. Strzegom (POL), 24-27 June

8. Minsk (BLR), 21-25 July

9. Rebecca Farm, Kalispell (USA), 22-25 July

10. Malmö (SWE), 13-15 August

11. Martinvast (FRA), TBC, 18-22 August

12. Schenefeld (GER), 26-29 August

Monday, March 22, 2010

For the Girls: The Best Jog Outfits

Don't worry ladies, I haven't forgotten about you. I know that jogs on are the horizon for you as well. You'll look fabulous too! It's never to early to start planning and with Galway Downs right around the corner, The Fork nipping at her heels, and then (ahem) Rolex close behind you may need more than one look to go around. I hope these offer some inspiration.


Allison Springer has won Best Turnout twice at Rolex. So she knows what she doing at a jog. She swears by a classic look that allows your horse to shine. This look it pretty and classic and is a hands-down winner (that said, I'd stay away from this if you're busty). But isn't the ruffle at the collar cute?! Want this look? JCrew!

If You Want to Make a Splash:

I love this dress from Ralph Lauren's 2010 Spring collection. It's sweet and reminiscent of simpler days. You'd get a nice swing at the hem during the jog but nothing your mother wouldn't approve of (or the ground judges). It also gives you a wide range of shoe options from flats to strappy sandals to something with a kitten heel (if you dare). Want it? Ralph Lauren.


If you think "classic" means boring and want something with a little more pizazz but don't want to scream "Look at me!" try this little number. It's sweet but with a touch of playfulness given the pleat down the center and the neat pockets (I love pockets in dresses!). The slight boat-neck collar is always flattering. Plus, you could even jog in those shoes! Want it? JCrew once again.

Chic and Practical

Let's be honest, jogging in a skirt or dress isn't always ideal. Sometimes pants are in order but don't think that means boring. These pants are super chic and comfortable. Pair them with flats instead of heels and you can jog all-day long. Sadly, lose that cute top, and go for something with a bit more coverage. You don't want to be flashing skin as you run by the judges. Something basic and black (that tucks in) will set those pants off well. Plus, they're dace and they used horses in one of their campaigns. Point for them.

Basic Black

The sister to the little black dress is, naturally, the little black suit. It's a basic and hard to get wrong. I you want something you can grab, go, and look great in, opt for this. Theory makes great clothes that have a way of looking polished and effortlessly hip all at once. Add some black flats (or sandals if it's warm enough) and, voila, a no-fail look.

Do you have any suggestions for sure-fire outfit winners at the jogs? Let us all know and comment below.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Weekend!

This picture makes me feel like it's a good time to run away to join the circus what with the sun starting to shine a bit more. Regardless of whether or not you make for the circus or a 3-Day Event this weekend, I hope you have fun! Here are some Friday treats I thought you might enjoy:

Southern Pines II takes place this weekend and all your favorites will be there including Phillip Dutton, Mara Dean, and Boyd Martin.

I'm enjoying Eventing Nation's Bracket Battle of Event Horses. Who's your pick?

Southern Pines II is also the first in the PRO Tour Event Series and there will be some new additions like the Britches and Bling Saturday night party. A double whammy of cool.

I'm loving Dappled Grey.

Zara Phillips in a behind-the-scenes video for Musto.

SUCCEED is always doing good things. They started an ebay auction on behalf of Courtney King-Dye. Support her by buying items in the auction or donating something yourself! One of my favorites is the "I prefer flats" tote bag by Horse Shoes By Design.

The FEI's Event Rider's Association has launched a new website.

Plus, a few Three Days Three Ways interviews you may have missed in the hubub:
Robert Kellerhouse, Galway Downs organizer

Happy Weekend!
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