Wednesday, March 17, 2010

For the Boys: The Best Jog Outfits

Is it Spring already? It may not feel like it where you are but we are well into March with the big 3-Day Events of the season just ahead. Galway Downs will close March and hot on her heels will be The Fork, and then Rolex. And 3-Day events means jogs and jogs mean "What will I wear?". You can't be too prepared for all those jogs so I hope these looks offer a little inspiration.


No one does classic better than Ralph Lauren. This look is sharp and confident. If you can't quite stomach the yellow vest (though I love it) try just losing it or swapping it for a gray one. Vests on men are in, but they're also a staple of the classic look (think Milan).

If You Want to Make a Splash:

Maybe you've done classic over and over again and want to so something a bit more brave. This look pairs classic with fun. You'd stand out at the jogs but, if you play your cards right, will come off as even more casually cool than the rest. As a side note: I'd lose the shades but keep the handkerchief. Stylish is cool but cocky is not. Want it? Ralph Lauren, if you hadn't already guessed.


I love this look for the way that it downplays itself with the monochromatic khaki pant and tie but is, in reality, incredibly hip. The narrow pant leg, the skinny tie and crisp, white shirt all scream "I'm so cool I don't even have to try". Which is what you're going for at a jog. Want it? Thank you, Calvin Klein. (You can also get some great chino's at Stel's, one of my favorites)

One More Thing

I have loved these duffels and totes from Wm. J. Mills & Co. Sailmakers for years. They're so Nantucket-in-the-summer yet entirely practical for all the gear 3-Day Eventers lug around. Plus you can order them in your colors. Pretty perfect, I'd say.

If you have a tried and true jog look I'd love to hear about it. Tips and retail sources are welcome too!

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  1. Seersucker. Nothing says classy like seersucker pants, a white shirt and a snazzy tie. Perfect for summer. And I'm partial since that what my husband and groomsmen wore for our wedding. :)


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