Monday, March 22, 2010

For the Girls: The Best Jog Outfits

Don't worry ladies, I haven't forgotten about you. I know that jogs on are the horizon for you as well. You'll look fabulous too! It's never to early to start planning and with Galway Downs right around the corner, The Fork nipping at her heels, and then (ahem) Rolex close behind you may need more than one look to go around. I hope these offer some inspiration.


Allison Springer has won Best Turnout twice at Rolex. So she knows what she doing at a jog. She swears by a classic look that allows your horse to shine. This look it pretty and classic and is a hands-down winner (that said, I'd stay away from this if you're busty). But isn't the ruffle at the collar cute?! Want this look? JCrew!

If You Want to Make a Splash:

I love this dress from Ralph Lauren's 2010 Spring collection. It's sweet and reminiscent of simpler days. You'd get a nice swing at the hem during the jog but nothing your mother wouldn't approve of (or the ground judges). It also gives you a wide range of shoe options from flats to strappy sandals to something with a kitten heel (if you dare). Want it? Ralph Lauren.


If you think "classic" means boring and want something with a little more pizazz but don't want to scream "Look at me!" try this little number. It's sweet but with a touch of playfulness given the pleat down the center and the neat pockets (I love pockets in dresses!). The slight boat-neck collar is always flattering. Plus, you could even jog in those shoes! Want it? JCrew once again.

Chic and Practical

Let's be honest, jogging in a skirt or dress isn't always ideal. Sometimes pants are in order but don't think that means boring. These pants are super chic and comfortable. Pair them with flats instead of heels and you can jog all-day long. Sadly, lose that cute top, and go for something with a bit more coverage. You don't want to be flashing skin as you run by the judges. Something basic and black (that tucks in) will set those pants off well. Plus, they're dace and they used horses in one of their campaigns. Point for them.

Basic Black

The sister to the little black dress is, naturally, the little black suit. It's a basic and hard to get wrong. I you want something you can grab, go, and look great in, opt for this. Theory makes great clothes that have a way of looking polished and effortlessly hip all at once. Add some black flats (or sandals if it's warm enough) and, voila, a no-fail look.

Do you have any suggestions for sure-fire outfit winners at the jogs? Let us all know and comment below.

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  1. Fun to read ideas for jog clothes, even though I am not yet at a level where I have to jog. I don't think it's a good idea to recommend an open toed shoe like a sandal to wear when leading your horse though, ouch! And I am not a fan of ruffles, but I LOVE LOVE that first grey dress, how cute and classy is that??!!


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